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Competition today is fast and furious, and the business environment more and more complex. Your customers can be incredibly demanding, rightfully so, driving your company to constantly stay ahead of the curve. One way to keep in the forefront is to have employees who are exceptionally educated…on the leading-edge of knowledge and innovation. To do this, a well-trained employee base is critical, and Baldwin Wallace University has a proven history of working with organizations throughout Northeast Ohio (and beyond) to customize programs and bring them directly to you. We help your company reach new levels of success and build long-term, sustainable advantages that provide measureable results for your businesses.

Whether you need a complete customized curriculum designed from the ground up, or you prefer to select from one of our existing, results-proven, applied learning programs with some modification to meet your objectives, we will create an educational partnership that will get (and keep) your organization pointed towards a successful future.

And…keep in mind, our ability to help your organization doesn’t end with individual training or education. That’s just the beginning. The most effective leaders in an organization look at their business from every angle; inside out and outside in. Getting a new and different perspective from industry experts and resources outside the walls of your organization, the market, and customers can be a game changer.

Baldwin Wallace Professional Development is your first step to connect your business to the plethora of game-changing resources (internal and external) available through the University. By partnering with us, we can provide a unique and instrumental way to catapult your organization’s success.

We’re only a phone call away. Once connected, we meet with you for a mutual exploration and walk through the process of seeking an outside perspective, offering assistance every step of the way.

Where do you sit on our “Spectrum of Resource Utilization”?

Call today and begin a partnership with BW. Your success is our business, and with every challenge you encounter, we can work with you side-by-side, to assist you along the way.
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