Build Thriving Culture

Teams thrive when they share individual and team habits of belonging, learning, purpose, courage and self-care. Join the Thrive At Work Team to map out how 82 habits of thriving exist in yourself and your teams now and what habits you would prioritize to grow. Learn the latest science to help you build new habits and facilitate and support their growth at work. This is a highly interactive session with small group work, peer learning and learning by doing in the context of your own work and team.

Course Objectives:

  • Learn a framework for understanding and growing culture at work
  • Understand the science of building habits
  • Identify areas of strength in yourself and your team
  • Prioritize readiness for growth in behavior based habits
  • Develop strategies for supporting and growing a thriving culture on your team
  • Build a roadmap for growing your team’s culture

Target Audience: Leaders and managers who lead teams of any size, leaders and managers involved in employee engagement, retention and attraction, training and leadership development.

Course Outline:

Part 1: Understanding Thriving Cultures

  • Uncovering our learning questions
  • Overview of the building blocks of culture: belonging, learning, purpose, courage and self-care
  • Review your survey results; small group work
  • Stories of thriving; starting with what works
  • Network weaving: learning how culture gets spread through connections and how to grow connections in your organization
  • How to grow habits of belonging and learning

Part 2: Building a Thriving Culture

  • How to grow habits of purpose, courage and self-care
  • Develop a roadmap for your team
  • Strategies for supporting and maintaining new habits

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