The Use of Self & the Power of Presence

Effective leadership and influence in any organization requires deep self-awareness and the ability to use the power of presence in a way that adds value to others.

This program is designed for those who want to maximize effective use of self in roles that include leading others both formally or informally; being a trusted advisor/consultant; and helping others learn and develop.  

This is a highly experiential program that will help you learn and apply Gestalt principles and practices in the service of your leading and influencing.  In addition to teaching skills and techniques, this experiential program will help you learn through embodied activities that heighten self-awareness, help you realize self-management choices, and put principles and practices into action. 

Certificate: This course is part of a Certificate Series, should you choose to enroll in the series and receive 15% discount.  Click HERE for details

Learning Objectives:

  1. Explore the Cycle of Experience as a lens for understanding your own self-awareness
  2. Employ embodied techniques to support your presence and increase of your self-awareness 
  3. Experiment with noticing (and interrupting) your habitual reactions that influence the quality of your presence  
  4. Increase appreciation for how your identity influences your presence
  5. Practice a stance of curiosity toward yourself
  6. Explore your self-awareness in the context of the environment/s in which you operate
  7. Practice using Gestalt skills within an interactive learning group with Faculty feedback
  8. Apply what you are learning in your “real life” with a peer Assimilation-Learning Group

Course Outline:

In this module, we focus on how you apply these concepts principles for yourself in your own world.

  • Overview of Gestalt approach to your Presence and Use of Self
    • Self-Awareness
    • Embodied Presence
  • How you operate and change using the Gestalt Cycle of Experience/Change
    • Demonstration
    • Embodied practice
    • Exploration of interruptions
  • Building your own Awareness Skills of
    • Embodied Presence and your Use of Self
    • Who you are in the Here and Now
    • Understanding your own “Phenomenology”
    • Experiment with some of your life themes that emerge from your background
  • Consider your Vertical and Horizontal Identity
  • Practice building upon your new awareness
  • Engage with an Assimilation-Learning Group Process

Target Audience: 

This program is for senior-level executives of small and medium sized businesses, nonprofits, educational and healthcare institutions, or of divisions within large corporations.

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