Coaching to Unleash Human Potential

Gestalt concepts and methodology offer a holistic approach to human development that has powerful application in coaching. A Gestalt coach closely attends to how a person organizes her present experience and builds the person's awareness. According to Gestalt Theory, building a client's awareness is primary and must precede formulating action if a person is to achieve functional and sustainable change. This awareness is pivotal to supporting greater choice and range of action.

In session two of the (optional) four-part series, taste Gestalt methodology and explore the Gestalt approach to coaching through experiential learning and dialogue. This two-day session introduces key Gestalt coaching theory and methodologies. 

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Learning Objectives:

In this module we focus on the two-person coaching interaction…whether you are a leader, consultant or coach. This skill-building opportunity takes Gestalt theory to the practical realm – what do you say, how do you say it and how do you handle the impact of your interventions.

  1. Understand the basic characteristics of coaching, Gestalt and Gestalt coaching and learn how the Gestalt approach and skills can enhance your leading/coaching
  2. Increase awareness of your embodied presence and how you can bring yourself more fully to your leading using a coaching skill set
  3. Discuss and understand the fundamental Gestalt theories and processes in coaching, such as Figure/Ground Formation, Present-Centered Work, Phenomenology, and the Cycle of Experience/Change
  4. Discuss and experience the Gestalt approach to Resistance, the importance and impact of the Relational Field, the Use of Self and using Experiments in coaching/leading
  5. Practice using Gestalt skills within a coaching conversation with Faculty feedback
  6. Apply what you are learning in your “real life” with a peer Assimilation-Learning Group

Course Outline:

  • Overview of Coaching and Gestalt Coaching
    • How we build Awareness using a Unit of Work in a Relational Field
  • Gestalt Coaching Skills-building in areas of
    • Embodied Presence and Use of Self
    • Inquiring skills in the Here and Now using “Phenomenology”
    • Understanding how to “see” the Figure/Ground and Cycle of Experience
    • Recognizing and working with Resistance
    • Taking an Experimental stance
  • Coaching Demonstrations
  • Coaching Practice Sessions
  • Assimilation-Learning Group process

Target Audience: 

This program is for senior-level executives of small and medium sized businesses, nonprofits, educational and healthcare institutions, or of divisions within large corporations.


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