Interaction in the Here and Now

Trust, authentic connection and mutual respect are the fundamental building blocks of all working relationships, especially for those in leadership, consulting, or influence roles. These subtle relational factors can make or break an organization's culture – and business results. While it takes time to cultivate the respect, openness and trust in work relationships, these fragile connections can be diminished or destroyed in just one moment of reactivity or carelessness.  

Yet despite their importance, relationships often take a back-seat when the organization is moving at breakneck speed.

In Interactions in the Here and Now, third in an (optional) four-part series, you will learn how to improve outcomes by developing high-level communication and influence skills that unlock the transformative power of authentic engagement and unleash your organization’s deepest potential.

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Learning Objectives:

In this module, we focus on how you interact with others to cultivate and engender trust and mutual respect with an air of openness and focused on strengthening team and organizational culture.

  1. Relate Gestalt key principles (Attending, Phenomenology, Present-centered interactions, Embodied Presence) to the Here and Now;
  2. Experience grounding using embodied presence techniques to cultivate relationships;
  3. Work with the concept of Figure-Ground in support of interactions in the Here and Now;
  4. Demonstrate the ability to interact based on awareness of both internal and external data;
  5. Differentiate between data and interpretation;
  6. Understand the relationship between Intention and Impact
  7. Practice using Gestalt skills within an interactive learning group with Faculty feedback
  8. Apply what you are learning in your “real life” with a peer Assimilation-Learning Group

Course Outline:

  • Overview of Gestalt approach to interacting in the Here and Now
    • Awareness/Attending
    • Phenomenology
    • Relational Field
  • Learn and practice Gestalt Interaction Skills in important and leading relationships
    • Embodied Presence and Use of Self
    • Here and Now and Phenomenology (pace, stance ….)
    • Meaning Making/Checking Assumptions
    • Organizational Context
    • Figure/Ground Formation and Cycle of Experience
    • Working with Resistance
    • Accountability for Intention and Impact
    • Using Experiment to try on new behaviors – both with you and the other
  • Practice Sessions to transfer your learnings to habit
  • Assimilation-Learning Group process

Target Audience: 

This program is for senior-level executives of small and medium sized businesses, nonprofits, educational and healthcare institutions, or of divisions within large corporations.

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