Leveraging the Power of Teams

As an organizational leader or consultant, your effectiveness depends on your ability to see the bigger (often complex) picture; understand what motivates people; support teams to work better together; and “make change” that benefits all stakeholders.

It’s a tall order. While most individuals lack the internal complexity to solve complex organizational and societal problems, it is possible for groups of people to find solutions, when they are supported to collaborate effectively.

In this fourth session in an (optional) four-part series, Leveraging the Power of Teams is designed for those who are leading, developing, facilitating, or consulting with teams in organizations. If you’re looking for more effective ways to up-level a team’s performance or intervene when the team gets stuck, stale or stymied, this is the program for you.

Certificate: This course is part of a Certificate Series, should you choose to enroll in the series and receive 15% discount.  Click HERE for details

Learning Objectives:

In this module we focus on the whole team/group…moving into the leading place beyond (though including) who you are as a person, beyond (though including) working in the interpersonal space… to a place that focuses skill-building and awareness about interacting with the team/group in the context of the whole organization.  

  1. Understand the power, possibility and responsibility that exists when using self as instrument for building individual and group capacity
  2. Get a sense of systems theory and how groups and teams operate as and within a system
  3. Learn the unique characteristics involved in coaching both groups and teams
  4. Understand the difference between facilitation and coaching of groups and be able to discern when to use which approach
  5. Practice four skills required for team coaching, including generative listening, powerful questioning, direct communication and system sensing
  6. Try-on new skills with real-life scenarios, including faculty feedback
  7. Apply what you are learning in your “real life” with a peer Assimilation-Learning Group

Course Outline:

  • A brief primer on systems theory with teams and groups
  • Understanding differences between facilitating and coaching teams/groups
  • Skill-building for working with teams and groups
    • Generative listening
    • Powerful questioning
    • Direct communication
    • Systems sensing
  • Building group capacity using Gestalt skills
    • Presence and Use of self
    • Levels of system and the Relational field
    • Power of polarities
  • Working with groups in real time using case scenarios, with faculty feedback
  • Assimilation-Learning Group process

Target Audience: 

This program is for senior-level executives of small and medium sized businesses, nonprofits, educational and healthcare institutions, or of divisions within large corporations.

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