Dynamic Planning: New Structures for Strategy and Uncertainty

Ready to learn new structures for strategic planning and organizing uncertainty? Learn two simple processes to plan and organize anything from entire strategic plans, large-scale initiatives, small team projects and even uncertainty. It works for any size or scale of planning and design. The Agile Canvas (a structure for various types of planning made up of four conversations) and the Path Method (a process that organizes uncertainty and action through questions). Practice building your own plant to take back to your team, and learn to achieve sustainable results by getting people to participate in what they help create.

The Agile Canvas is a structure for various types of planning that are made up of four conversations that:

  • Effectively address uncertainties, concerns, risks, and unknowns
  • Engage the strengths and assets of individuals, teams, and organizations
  • Create action by applying global best practices of agile project management

A Path Method is a process that organizes uncertainty and action through questions. It's useful when the degree and scope of uncertainty doesn't allow for clear goal setting and planning and yet we need to move forward in a realistic, aligned, and productive way. It applies to any kinds of organizational startups, turnarounds, transitions, and disruptive change.

Course Objectives:

  • Engage a group of any size in a strengths based methodology rooted in dreaming together
  • Identify the right questions at the right time to organize anything
  • Invite and engage current and needed strengths and resources
  • Build realistic action "sprints" to work intentionally and accountably toward success
  • Grow trust through inclusive conversations
  • Learn how to achieve sustainable results as people participate in what they help
  • Practice building your own plan to take back to your team(s)

Target Audience: Leaders of any kind who regularly engage in planning, project management, process improvement, or change initiatives.

Course Outline:

Part 1: Agile Canvas Overview and Practice

  • Introductions and Questions
  • Discussion: strategy and planning stories of success and challenge; what works and what doesn’t
  • Traditional planning vs. Agile Canvas Planning
  • The 4 conversations overview and practice
    • Dreaming: What do we want to see possible?
    • Clarity: What do we need to research and decide? What are questions and concerns?
    • Gifts: What assets, resources, talents, and strengths do we already have and what do we need to invite?
    • Doing: What do we need to do in the next 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 quarters, year etc.?
  • Learn to facilitate, prioritize, sequence and time stamp
  • Practice facilitating and applying in each participant's project, strategy or team

Part 2: A Path Method

  • How to create organizing questions from the uncertainty of unknowns and unknowables 
  • Forming and prioritizing actionable questions to guide action priorities
  • Creating a reponsivepath of questions along the way
  • Managing expectation, communication and engagement in the process
  • Keeping the process aligned with all relevant organizational priorities and changes

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