Sustaining Operational Excellence

The Evolving Role of the Process Manager

Most organizations achieve some measure of success by improving or innovating business processes; few are able to sustain the competitive edge.

Why?  Because the walls of our organizations undermine cross-functional collaboration and innovation.  In the 21st Century, technology has exponentially increased the speed of interactions.  It has not, however, eliminated the silos in our organizations.  As companies contemplate CX transformations, intelligent automation and new self-service options, it is cross-functional business processes that will deliver ROI from these advances.  And, it is the Process Manager who will sustain that ROI.

This seminar addresses the traditional and emerging challenges of enterprise process management. It delivers skills and techniques you need to make technology-driven process excellence a sustainable asset. 

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Learning Objectives:

  • Create the architecture to manage across silos
  • Identify core processes and the measures you will use to manage them
  • Coordinate cross-functional efforts to focus on strategy and customer experience
  • Launch strategic process optimization and redesign projects
  • Engage stakeholders to win support for process change
  • Align technology investments with business process realities
  • Transition from implementation to day-to-day execution of the improved process
  • Facilitate cross-functional understanding of BPM necessities
  • Manage silo-driven conflicts of priorities
  • Establish a culture of continuous improvement

Course Outline:

  • Making Process Excellence Sustainable
    • The 3rd and 4th Waves of BPM
    • Why process excellence endures in some organizations
  • Managing Across Silos
    • Process governance mechanisms
    • Process Owners and Mangers
    • Measuring cross functional performance
    • Aligning activities with customer experience
    • Governance: Managing the process portfolio
  • Achieving Cross-Functional Excellence
    • The role of technology
    • Identifying opportunities and projects
    • Focusing on holistic ROI
    • Monitoring customer impacts
    • Managing organizational change
  • Creating a Process Culture
    • Overcoming politics
    • Getting everyone involved
    • Coaching and mentoring future leaders
    • The community of proctices
    • BPM Maturity models
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    The tools and concepts taught in this seminar are compatible with the ABPMP’s Comprehensive Body of Knowledge 3.0.

    The Project Management Institute and PMP are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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