Improving & Innovating Business Processes

The Art and Science of Business Results

To survive and thrive, your organization needs both continuous and breakthrough performance improvements. Learn how to generate and leverage both.

There is no one-size-fits all recipe for getting better business results. It is both art and science, requiring data-driven problem solving and out-of-the-box solutions to assure sustainable success.

This seminar will blend creative redesign techniques (Six Hats, SCAMPER, Five Max) to your classic, data-driven process improvement skills so you are able to deliver both incremental change and breakthrough solutions for your organization. It takes a strategic view that assesses how your organization’s unique process strengths can be leveraged as competitive weapons.

Certificate:  This course is part of a Certificate Series, should you choose to enroll in the series and receive 15% discount.  Click HERE for details

You Will Learn How To:

  • Assess the need for innovation vs. improvement
  • Evaluate which "tools" should be in your process improvement toolbox
  • Interpret data and graphics to make key decisions
  • Think outside the "process box"
  • Evaluate and apply process improvement alternatives
  • Develop results-oriented process improvement solutions
  • Assess the strategic impact of process capabilities
  • Deliver more value to current and future customers

Who Should Attend:

  • Systems or Business Analyst
  • Business Process Owner or Manager
  • Functional or Project Manager
  • Process Improvement Team Leader or Member
  • IT Upgrade (ERP, CRM) Team Leader or Member
  • Customer Experience Professional
  • Candidate for ABPMP Certification
  • Professional actively involved in your organization’s process improvement, customer experience or strategy execution initiatives

The skills delivered in this seminar can be applied in manufacturing, service, healthcare and public sector organizations.

Course Outline:

  • Innovation in Business
    • Transformaiton Examples
    • Strategy/Process/Innovation Synergy
    • Generating Solutions: Improvement vs Innovation
  • Process Improvement Strategies
    • Optimizing Process Flow
    • Making Data-Driven Decisions
  • Process Innovation Techniques
    • Creative Thinking: When Science is not Enough
    • Brainstorming - Guidelines
    • Six Hats Thinking
    • Five Max Methoda
    • Assessing Solutions
    • Mapping To-Be Processes
  • Leveraging Process Excellence
    • Identifying Unique Process Capabilities
    • Kano Model
    • Process Extension
    • Market Extension
    • Competitive Analysis
    • Value Curves
  • Implementation
    • CODE- Implementing Change
    • Creating Your Roadmap
    • Questions to Answers at each Phase
    • Defining Value from your Stakeholder's Perspective
    • Implementation Charter/Statement of Work
    • Assesing "Winners" and "Losers" from Change
    • Facilitation Tips

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    The tools and concepts taught in this seminar are compatible with the ABPMP’s Comprehensive Body of Knowledge 3.0.

    The Project Management Institute and PMP are registered marks of the Project Management Institute, Inc.

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