Leading for Growth


As we all traverse the current public health and economic disruptions, The Innovation Garage® presents an extended education series to help support your organization on the road to recovery. Following up from our well received Energy into Uncertainty  blog & and webinar series, this program provides key skills, behaviors, tools, and methods to put Energy into Uncertainty.

This session will be conducted live over 3 days, for two hours each day. In this blended digital program, you and your digital class cohort will learn: in-depth leadership principles, behaviors, and soft skills needed for leading, building and facilitating a growth-focused culture that will focus on execution through disruption.

No matter your role in the organization, being more innovative means you can create, communicate, and accelerate ideas for anything. In this session, you’ll learn: in-depth leadership principles, behaviors, and soft skills needed for building and facilitating a growth-focused culture, and develop an initial strategy that you can use to get an immediate impact. Find out about: mindset neuroscience & psychology of individuals and teams; five components of a compelling strategy; why, purpose, method & end state; structured brainstorm/create sessions; mind mapping basic skills; design thinking advanced skills; HFX principles for hackathon design & development.

In this course you’ll learn advanced and in-depth methods on how to:

  • Mindset neuroscience & psychology of individuals & teams
  • The 5 components of a compelling strategy
  • Understanding starting with why, purpose, method & end state
  • Soft skills needed to build the teams to facilitate and problem-solve solutions using systems thinking applied to innovation
  • Creating the environments and team mindsets for structured brainstorm/create sessions
  • Application of Mind Mapping basic skills
  • Application of Innovation Systems basics skills
  • How to build teams and lead collaboration with others
  • How to build teams to apply Design Thinking advanced skills
  • How to lead teams to apply & understand HFX Principles for hackathon design & development
  • Hard skills, in tools, templates, and methods to support your organization’s business continuity supply chain resiliency efforts
    • Strategy Development
    • Scenario Planning
    • Business Continuity Planning
    • Supply Chain Risk, Recovery, and Supplier Relationship Optimization
    • This session includes access to digital pre-work released 1week prior to the program
    • Upon completion of the program a Business Continuity and Supply Chain Resiliency Playbook to support your recovery efforts.

BONUS CONTENT:  Post session, attendees can schedule an optional 1 hour digital strategy, scenario planning or business continuity plan review with The Innovation Garage®. In this session, we can review your organization’s initial draft plans, and offer insight and support suggestions for successful execution.

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