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Innovation Leadership Skills for Today's Fast Paced World! Join The Innovation Garage® with NE Ohio Based companies at Baldwin Wallace University's Center for Innovation and Growth in Cleveland, OH.

Quick Start 360 is a blended 3 day innovation training followed by a 60 day mentoring and certification program that teaches you how to apply innovation to your work, your team, and your organization.

Everyone Can Innovate - NOW.

No matter your role in the organization, being more innovative means you can create, communicate, and accelerate ideas for anything. At the 3 day Innovation Quick Start 360 course you will learn in depth 12 fundamental skills for facilitating innovation. And you will get started by application to your current work to get an immediate impact. 

This real world and pressure-tested program has been designed and proven to give you the essential know how, tools and step-by-step instruction manual necessary for innovation success.

In this course you'll learn advanced and in depth methods on how to:

  • Techniques to better Understand People, Process, & Tools Necessary for Growth
  • Organizational Mindset and application of Neuroscience for both individuals and teams
  • Leading Behaviors to create Psychological Safety that is critical for Innovation & Growth
  • Systems Thinking applied to Innovation & Growth.
  • Facilitation Skills for  Structured Creativity Sessions
  • Application of advanced Mind Mapping Skills
  • Application of Innovation Systems Advanced Skills
  • Methods to Build Teams and Lead Collaboration with Others
  • Methods to Apply Design Thinking Advanced Skills & Tools
  • Methods to Apply & Understand HFX Principles for Hack-A-Thon Design & Development
  • Methods to Apply & Understand CX principles to better understand the customer journey

Optional Certification:  Following the program, select the optional 60 Days Expert Coaching & Mentoring from a Certified Master Black Belt Instructor from The Innovation Garage®. In the coaching period, you work on additional application assignments designed and applied to a demonstration project for your organization. PLUS 60 Days Access and support to an advanced learning management system to track your progress. The Innovation Certification is awarded upon completion of the full 60 day program.

How it Works:

  1. Online Class Prework - Before attending the Quick Start Innovation Training, access the learning management system to complete digital classes and quizzes on the fundamental skills of how to create innovation and growth within your organization.
  1. 3 Days of "Hands On" Classes - The first two days of the three day Quick Start innovation training makes the digital learning real. The  3rd day delivers interactive experiences that cover the content, deeply, and in a fast paced and very effective way.
  1. Application to Your Organization - The third day of this innovation training applies the lessons on mindset, people, systems and tools with an application case story that pulls all the learning together. After that, You define your challenge, then apply your new tools to think deeper, create solutions, and get expert coaching support and feedback to guide your path.
  1. Opitional Certification -60 days following the program, we support and coach your completion of application assignments and demonstration project to achieve your optional Innovation Certification.

Proof It Works

 What Attendees Say:

“Intense. Insightful. A wake up call for me.” VP – Global Fortune 500 Financial Services Company

“Really enjoyed the practical application and hands on learning, the group collaboration for different points of view, and pushing my limits to think differently.” Innovation Analyst, Fortune 200 Company

Great details with very good content and road map on what to do.”  Supply Chain Leader – Privately Held CPG Company 

“This is a hands-on program, providing a great explanation on how all the innovation techniques work together.” Operational Excellence Facilitator – Hospital Network

“Good Balance on Theory and Practice”  Supply Chain Leader – Publicly Traded Pharma Company

“Great length of time and pace. Great Explanation for the learning and certification assignments. Makes problem solving and creating with a diverse team a ball.”  Center of Excellence Leader – Hospital Network

“Great Hands on Experience and networking opportunity with other organizations!”  Innovation Analyst, Fortune 200 Company 

“Loved the interactions with organizations besides my own. The hands on activities we’re great, and no death by powerpoint!”  Operational Excellence Deployment Leader – Hospital Network

“The Training is an experience that has made me a better entrepreneur. Coming from a highly structured/regulated world this process teaches the art of entrepreneurship and how there are many paths to commercialization. It is set up so that there are many ways that can lead to success for your project or task at hand. It helps to align the team and get us moving faster to grow the organization.”  Project Leader Fortune 200 Company

“I really enjoyed the smaller class size, learning the methods, then applying what we learned

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