Program vs Projects: What you need to know

Are you an effective Project Manager, who is now in the role of Program Manager? Do you feel like you need more than solid Project Management skills to be effective in your new role? If so, this workshop is designed for you. Bring your program documentation, roll-up your sleeves and be ready to apply techniques that will fine tune your program strategy

 Learning Objectives:

  • Identify Program Management Stages and key deliverables
  • Define program strategic alignment and create a value proposition
  • Provide role clarity for the Program Manager and Program Governance
  • Establish a program culture

Who Should Attend:

Anyone interesting in transition from Project to Program Manager, or organizational leaders and PMO staff, interested in understanding and providing support for larger project/program initiatives.

Course Outline:

  • Setting the frame work for what makes a program
  • Define strategic alignment
  • Create a value proposition
  • Audit the program documentation against best practices
    • Determine which program deliverable are needed for your program
    • Audit applicable documents against best practices
  • Ensure role clarity
    • Develop governance and steering committee on-boarding
    • Complete a Program Manager’s key behavior’s audit
    • Develop Program stakeholder strategies for working with multiple stakeholders with different success criteria
  • Establish a Program culture
    • Developing the Project’s leadership team
    • Providing enough structure through the development of common procedures

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